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Jonathan Hynes

Jonathan Hynes


I availed of almost every Paddy Jobsman offer. From CV writing service, interview tips and tricks to salary negotiation. I'd also DM'd a couple of times with questions. When I say that I would not be starting my new job on Monday without all of his resources I am not exaggerating. I am going into a job that has almost doubled my salary and benefits. I could not be more thankful and could not recommend Paddy Jobsman more!

Jonathan Hynes

What's Inside?


Learn practical techniques for mapping out your career ambitions. This module will help identify what you want from your career and how you’re going to get it.

  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceDevelop A Vision: Outline your ideal work conditions and environment.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceDefine Your Goals: Establish clear objectives and a strategic plan to achieve them.

02: CV Writing Masterclass

Equip yourself with the tools and insights to write a standout CV. By the end of this module, you will have a masterfully crafted CV and be ready to hit the job market.

  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceStep-by-Step Guidance: Craft the perfect CV with my video guide & resources that remove all the guesswork.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceDiscover Your Value: Uncover your unique skills & achievements, and learn how to effectively present them on your CV.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceCustomizable Templates: Gain access to hundreds of professionally written examples, scripts, and templates that you can easily tailor to match your own experience.

03: Job Search Strategies

Discover tactics to streamline your job search. With this module, you’ll learn how to use a multi-channel approach for finding jobs and lining up interviews.

  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceVideo Guides: Delve into comprehensive tutorials with every tool, trick and strategy I know of to secure interviews.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceNetworking Mastery: Learn how to cultivate and leverage your network to unlock job opportunities.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceStay Organised: Follow a clear plan using my daily task list, ensuring you explore every possible avenue for getting a job.


Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find potential candidates. Supercharge your LinkedIn presence and make sure they don't overlook you.

  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceProfile Overhaul: Get access to my complete LinkedIn set-up guide that comes with templates and scripts for demonstrating your value to employers.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceIncrease Visibility: Learn how to use keyword optimisation and become a top-ranked candidate in recruiter searches.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceContent Strategy: Establish credibility and grow your network with my LinkedIn content strategy.

05: Job Interview Mastery

Walk into your next job interview with supreme confidence. In this module you’ll gain access to proven step-by-step strategies, scripts, and templates designed to help you master the interview process and secure job offers.

  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceOvercome Your Nerves: Learn tried and tested techniques to keep your cool and stay calm, even when the pressure is on.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceTackle Hard Questions: Confidently address a range of issues—from employment gaps, frequent job changes, or an incomplete degree, to lacking experience, career-changing, or being overqualified. You'll get access to powerful scripts designed to turn potential red flags into compelling stories that showcase your strengths.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceInterview Blueprint: Implement a clear framework that naturally positions you as the ideal candidate for the job.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceStrategic Follow-Up: Use my email templates to streamline your communication with hiring teams at each stage of the interview process.

06: Salary Negotiation Tactics

Master the art of salary negotiation and maximise your take-home pay with tried and tested scripts and strategies.

  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceIncrease Your Salary: Get access to word-for-word negotiation templates & scripts for presenting a compelling case for a higher salary package.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceOffer Management: Learn how to leverage job offers and navigate counteroffers.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceKnow Your Worth: Discover tools and resources for accurately gauging your market value based on your experience and skillset.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juiceTotal Compensation: Learn how to negotiate other aspects of your salary package, such as bonuses, benefits, and perks.
  • the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juicePlan Ahead: Learn how to set up future salary raises.

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Kim De Lorenzo

Kim De Lorenzo


If you are in need of a career coach or resume writer, I highly recommend working with Paddy. His extensive experience as both an employee and as an expert in his field provides a well rounded perspective on navigating the job market across many disciplines. Following his advice, I was able to secure a 75% salary increase with added benefits in my current role. I look forward to working with him in the future as I continue to climb the corporate ladder to achieve my career goals. Thank you, sir!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

the fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juicethe fresh logo: a sliced lemon dripping with juice

Hi–I’m Paddy Jobsman. I help people find work that gives them purpose, pays them their worth, and gives them opportunities to grow.

I started my career as a recruiter in 2014. Two years later, I launched an online hiring platform and ran it for five years. I managed recruitment campaigns for 900+ companies, built an in-house applicant tracking system (ATS), and created a wealth of career development resources.

I realised that working directly with jobseekers was what I enjoyed most. So in 2021, I decided to focus solely on helping people get what they wanted from their careers. Since then, I’ve helped thousands of jobseekers do just that.

If you’d like to learn more about my background, check out my experience and 80+ recommendations on LinkedIn or my Google Business Profile (125+ 5-star reviews⭐)

Darren Walsh

Darren Walsh


Couldn't recommend Paddy enough. I gave him my background, what I was looking for, and all the information he needed to build me a 5-star CV which landed me a job in the industry I wanted, and even more so, with the largest recruitment agency in Ireland. Thanks Paddy!

Questions & Answers

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to get a new job, make a career change, increase their salary, or all of the above.

What if I have no idea what job or career I want?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. This is a very common problem. In my Jobseekers Toolkit, I will help you discover what it is you truly want out of your career. There is an entire section dedicated to defining and building a fulfilling career.

Why should I listen to you?

You absolutely do not have to listen to me. But you should know that helping people reach their career goals consumes nearly all of my time. I've helped thousands of people get the job they want, and I am confident I can help you too.

What will I learn from Jobseekers Toolkit?

You’ll learn how to accelerate your career and achieve what’s most important to you, whether that’s getting a new job, a higher salary, a better work-life balance, or pivoting to a new career.

Okay, but is it still worth paying for?

I have spent 600+ hours working on this and providing the best resources, so you don't have to. You will get instant access to a system to help you achieve your most important career goals.

How long will it take to get a job after accessing Jobseekers Toolkit?

I cannot guarantee you will get a job from following my strategies. Nobody can make that guarantee. All I can do is give you systematic best practices to follow. If you take action, analyse what's working and not working, and continually refine your approach, your odds of landing a new job will increase.

How do I access the content? Is it a physical service or all online?

It's 100% online, so you can access the resources from anywhere, at any time, on any device.


The Content In This Toolkit Has Helped Thousands Of People

Companies I've helped people get jobs atCompanies I've helped people get jobs at


How to get the job you want
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